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For more information about viola, violin, and music theory lessons, please contact me here.

First trial lesson is free.

I play and teach viola using Karen Tuttle's Coordination system. Based on a healthy physical approach to the instrument and on the premise that musical structures and their relationships of tension and release can be mapped onto the body through bio-mechanics, my students will learn to express their emotion through music in a way that is organicpersonal, and pleasurable. This systematic approach provides the students with a cohesive technical foundation, a method for problem solving that is clear and easy to navigate, and the opportunity to incorporate their emotions into their work.

In order to catalyze the connections that make learning happen, I draw from the student's lived experience outside of music. Physical and emotional experiences as well as concepts related to activities as diverse as speaking, singing, walking, jumping, the natural and social sciences, languages, martial arts, yoga, or other activities that foster proprioception can become keys to unlock musicality. Elements from any physical, creative, or intellectual outlet that the student may have will be incorporated into the lessons to establish parallels with the music at hand and achieve the student's artistic goals.

Playing a musical instrument is a holistic experience that involves physical, intellectual, and emotional dimensions. We play better when these dimensions are in balance. I highlight the importance of this balance to my students so that they can learn to recognize it and foster it in their persona practice.

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"Sergio Muñoz brings techniques from all the greatest pedagogues to each lesson, seamlessly integrating seasoned advice into every aspect of your playing. He fixed a major issue with my sound in just the first lesson and by the third lesson I had a whole new confidence as a player."

Sonny O.

"Sergio always teaches with patience, enthusiasm, and a genuine love of music! I leave lessons feeling both focused and inspired. He has helped me progress in my playing through his encouragement and he has taught me to practice more efficiently."

Carolyn F.

"He has been punctual in all lessons and has been in constant contact with me. Sergio has not only been my teacher; he has also been a guide on this path of music and an example to follow."

Gabriela Y.

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