Chilean violist Sergio Muñoz is an advocate for dialogue and collaboration, which he realizes through chamber music and music education. His long term dream is to create an organization that will provide chamber music education to young Chilean musicians and will revitalize the chamber music scene in Chile.


For Sergio, music is about human connection. Building community through music is one of Sergio's deepest passions and he advocates for an accessible concert experience both in the concert hall and in unconventional venues to meet audiences where they are. He loves speaking with his audience from the stage. Sergio also finds connections between diverse human experiences through transdisciplinary art. Recent transdisciplinary collaborations include Thoughts and Prayers and īs, a dance concerto with Danse Theatre Surreality, and dance-music improvisation performances with The Moving Orchestra. As a multilingual citizen of the world, Sergio also finds inspiration in the fascinating subtleties of language, linguistics, semiotics, and their relationship to music.

Sergio has appeared as soloist with the Eastman School Symphony Orchestra and the Catholic University of Chile Chamber Orchestra. He has collaborated with artists such as Catherine Cho, Natasha Brofsky, Areta Zhulla, Carol Rodland, Rachel Podger, Mikhail Kopelman, Renée Jolles, Olga Kaler, Rosemary Elliott, Steven Doane, and Ariadne Daskalakis. His musical mentors are Penelope Knuth, David Holland, Dimitri Murrath, Kim Kashkashian, and Carol Rodland. He holds a Bachelor of Music from the New England Conservatory and a Master of Music from the Eastman School of Music. Sergio is an alum of Eastman's Catherine Filene Shouse Arts Leadership Program and a graduate of the Interlochen Arts Academy. He is currently pursuing the degree of Doctor of Musical arts as a C. V. Starr Doctoral Fellow at The Juilliard School. His doctoral dissertation discusses Paul Hindemith's politics and philosophy of music as seen in his harmonic theories and in his viola concerto Der Schwanendreher.


When not musicking, Sergio can be found playing board games or at the swimming pool endlessly perfecting his butterfly stroke. But even in the water he continues to musick: He keeps track of his laps by playing music in his mind.

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Photo by Melissa Zgouridi